Youtube channel promotion

So, the channel has been created, the menus have been designed, the videos have been filmed and uploaded to the site. But so far no one knows about your channel and you need to start promoting it. This is done in several stages.

1. Video optimization. In order for the videos to be better found by the search engines and the internal search of Youtube itself, they must be correctly formatted. Let’s start with the title of the post. It should be informative, understandable and contain key queries — tags. The same is with the description of the video. It also needs to include meta information. But don’t go overboard with keywords. If you stuff too many tags into the description, your video will not be included in the lists of similar videos on Youtube. And this is very important: very often users stumble upon an entry when viewing similar ones inside YT. Put the same keywords in all posts — and only your own videos will look like videos.

2. Call to action — Call to action. Even top bloggers do not hesitate to ask viewers to like and subscribe to the channel. And also report about your other sites and accounts in social networks. True, it is important to motivate a person here. Not just “Subscribe to our channel”, but “Subscribe, press your heart and be the first to know the latest information about discounts, sales and special offers”.

3. Tell about the channel on your other resources. Links to your Youtube should be everywhere: on the official website, groups in social networks: VKontakte, Facebook and Instagram — wherever possible. If you have not one, but several channels on Youtube, link to each other. In addition, on all the listed sites, you need to publish videos from the channel on Youtube. Again, with a call to action and lures of the format: “You can watch even more useful videos on topics of your interest on our Youtube channel”.

Get youtube likes using a resource

4. Exchange links with other bloggers. Of course, asking, say, Kostya Akademeg to mention your channel in his video is stupid. Contact vloggers in your weight class with these suggestions. The number of subscribers and the target audience of the channels should be approximately the same. In this case, you will not be denied — no one will neglect free PR.

5. Advertising on promoted resources or from opinion leaders. If the same Khovansky does nothing for free, then for money it is quite possible to try his luck. True, advertising from top bloggers is not cheap. If you believe information from open sources, the cost of such advertising starts at 150 thousand rubles and can go up to 1.2 million. The main thing here is to get into the target audience. It is wise for advanced auto bloggers to advertise products for cars, rather than products for young moms.